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Dr. Vic Goradia, Orthopedic Surgeon

Our goal is to get all patients, whether athletes or not, back to their Active lifestyles

Meet Dr. Vic Goradia

University of Texas

  • Dr. Vic Goradia

    Dr. Vic Goradia

    Dr. Goradia is a nationally known expert in arthroscopic surgery and sports medicine practicing with UT Orthopaedics and Memorial Hermann in Northeast Houston. He is Board Certified in Orthopaedic Surgery with a Certificate of Added Qualifications in Sports Medicine. Dr. Goradia practiced in Richmond, Virginia for 12 years before moving to Houston in 2013.

    A firm believer in the continous advancement of the orthopaedic field, Dr. Goradia has taught dozens of courses and skills labs to share his knowledge and experience with other orthopaedic surgeons and their assistants. He has written dozens of articles for orthopedic journals and regularly speaks at orthopedic conferences around the country.

    Simply put, Dr. Goradia provides the highest level of care, previously only found at the Texas Medical Center, available now in Northeast Houston.

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Patient Success Stories

Hear what some our patients have to say about their experience

  • david-brooks

    "Dr. Goradia did surgery on my left shoulder in 2007 and left elbow in 2012. I’m back to full activities and enjoying my golf game with the family. All of Dr. Goradia’s staff are always friendly and caring."

    David Brooks, Virginia,

  • ricky-bakke

    "I was unable to enjoy golf and was unable to do push-ups for my Army Physical Fitness Test. The surgery was great. The flexibility came back right away and now I am enjoying golf again. Dr. Goradia and his staff are incredible. I would recommend them to anyone who has pain."

    Ricky Bakke, U.S. Army, Virginia,

  • david-carpenter

    "My primary care physician referred me to Dr. Goradia to discuss my treatment options. Due to my long history of dislocations and shoulder instability, we determined that physical therapy was no longer an option for me. I then decided to have a right shoulder arthroscopy with a capsular repair. Thanks to Dr. Goradia and the Go Orthopedics physical therapy team, my shoulder feels better than it has in 15 years."

    David Carpenter, Machinist at Honeywell, Virginia,

  • chris-hargrave

    “Everyone had written me off when I tore my rotator cuff, even my sponsors, I have just two words for them, I’m back! Thank you, Dr. Goradia.” In 2005 award-winning Professional Outdoorsman and Hunting Guide, Chris Hargrave believed he would never again be able to enjoy the sport he had participated in his entire life—hunting. Years of repetitive wear and tear to the shoulder working as a mechanic at Hercules Inc. resulted in severe shoulder pain and weakness. Chris was referred to Dr. Vic Goradia by his family physician. Dr. Goradia diagnosed his large rotator cuff tear and repaired it arthroscopically. Other professional outdoorsman told Chris they had never seen anyone return to the profession after similar surgery. In 2007, Chris went on to win his second state championship “The 2007 Virginia Peninsula Sportsman’s Grand Slam Award.”

    Chris Hargrave, Professional Outdoorsman, Virginia,

  • dee-short

    "My business depends on my physical health. I could not raise my right arm or keep up with the physical demands of my landscaping business. After Dr. Goradia repaired my torn rotator cuff arthroscopically, I am back trimming branches and growing my business."

    Dee Short, Owner of Short's Lawn Care, Virginia,